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Welcome to our family's genealogy website!

You'll find here everything we know about a large group of inter-related families that make up the Family Trees of myself, my wife and several of our cousins. Although - as you'd expect - you won't be able to see anything at all about anyone who is still alive today. As there are now well over ten thousand people in our extended family (albeit not all of them related to you!), to help you hone-in on just those that you'll be interested in, the information here has been split into four sections.

Click on one of the four icons below to enter that part of the website; then you can use the SEARCH icon (a magnifying glass on the top-left menu) to search by either name or place in any (or all) of the four sections.

This covers my own ancestry and that of some selected close cousins. The families listed here have spread all over the world, but all have roots in one or more of these areas:
Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire.
Antrim, Down, Laois (Queens County), Tyrone.

This section covers inter-related families from my wife's side of the family. Whilst the families listed have spread all over the world, they all have roots in south Lancashire; specifically the areas in and around Bolton, Little Lever, Farnworth, Walkden & Little Hulton.

This section details a number of inter-related families who are the ancestors of my Robins cousins. They mainly originate from Germany, and particularly from Ostfriesland area, which is close to the North Sea coast and the border with the Netherlands.

This section lists some inter-related families and, whilst they have now spread all over the world, they all originated from Hampshire and nearby English counties; many from the Pamber & Tadley areas.