In this section alone, you'll find details for 6,740 people (with 1,582 different surnames) from the my own family, along with the ancestors of some selected close family who have been DNA-tested. These families all originate in England and Ireland (see the map below), though many have since spread throughout the world. A few of the people listed here also appear in either the Soper or the Robins sections, as the families overlap a little. But in any case, you can search for any surname - or by place - if you click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon, which you'll find in the top-left menu on every page.

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Please get in touch if you think you are related to anyone mentioned here. Just use the email link to the main researcher (or that for technical help with this website) that you'll find at the bottom of every page.

David Lindley

OUTLINE FAMILY TREE (Lindley - Weldon - Bond lines)
Outline of Lindley Weldons Tree
Outline of Lindley Weldons Tree
SUMMARY OF LATEST UPDATES (August & September 2021)
  • Added more ancestors of Jacob Sims c1775-1867 including NEW 6x, 7x & 8x Great Grandparents of ours living in Hampshire.
  • Added more descendants of Jane Louisa Lindley 1867-1905 (now 19 plus 11 spouses) living mainly in the Lincoln & Portsmouth areas.
BOND CLAN: Added more descendants of
WELDON CLAN: Added seventy-plus more descendants of
  • Slowly adding latitude & longitude data to churches/locations, so that a map (on a "Places" tab) appears on the pages of any individuals linked to that church/place.
  • Linked many more people to their entry on the Find-a-Grave website, and also linked them to their close relatives there.

Many people in our extended Lindley-Weldon-Bond family have had their DNA tested with Family Tree DNA or elsewhere. How these DNA test results compare with one another is helping us not only to prove the "paper trail" we've used to create our Tree, but also is helping us to break through the "brick walls", where the paper records seem to run out.

At last count there were 147 people known to be a part of our extended family who've been DNA tested but, as with many things in life, it's a case of "the more the merrier", as you never know which of us carries that missing piece of the jigsaw! Thankfully DNA testing in the comfort of your own home is very straightforward and quite painless these days. All it involves is either a simple cheek swab (a bit like a cotton bud) or providing a small sample of spit in a test tube (depending upon which company you test with).

If you have already been DNA tested, then please make sure we know that (you can use the email link, which you'll find at the bottom of every page). If you haven't yet been tested, but would like to know a little more about it, then just ask us! You can use the same link to get in touch, and you'll not be commiting youself to anything by doing so.