Charles Weaver, 1864

Charles /Weaver/
Unemployed Footman
1881 (aged 17 years)
Birth of a son
Domestic gardener
between 1901 and 1911 (aged 47 years)
between 1901 and 1911 (aged 47 years)
Marriage of a son
Death of a wife
Ancestors interest
Related by marriage.
Descendants interest
Lindley Clan: Sims - Weaver line
Family as a spouse

1871 Census PROBABLE: RG10/5620 f8 p7. Hardley, Churchstoke.
Thomas Weaver Head Mar 43. Agricultural labourer. Born Llandyssil.
Sarah Weaver Wife Mar 42. - Kerry.
William James Weaver Son Unm 9. Scholar. Churchstoke.
>Charles Weaver Son Unm 7. Scholar. Churchstoke.
Susanna Weaver Dau Unm 5. Scholar. Churchstoke.
1881 Census PROBABLE: RG11/5489 f103 p8. Todleth Cottage, Churchstoke, Montgomery, Wales.
Thomas Weaver Head Mar 53. Agricultural labourer. Born Llandyssil, Montgomery
Sarah Weaver Wife Mar 52. Laundress. Kerry, Montgomery.
>Charles Weaver Son Unm 17. Footman (unemployed). Churchstoke.
Susanah Weaver Dau Unm 15. Domestic. Churchstoke.
Margaret Davies Vis. Unm 16. Farmers daughter. Churchstoke.
1891 Census: ???? aged 27.
1901 Census: RG13/1112 f120 p7. High Street, Overton St Marys, Hampshire.
>Charles Weaver Head Mar 37. Gardner domestic. Born Church Stoke, Montgomery.
Sophia Weaver Wife Mar 40. - Pamber.
Sydney G Weaver Son S 6. - Basingstoke.
1911 Census: RG14/6318 Schedule 43. High Street, Overton, Hampshire.
>Charles Weaver Head Mar 47. Gardener domestic. Born Church Stoke.
Sophia Weaver Wife Mar 48. Dressmaker Pamber.
(Married seventeen years, one child born, one child living)