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What is this website about?
Do I need to Register to use this website?
How is the Information here organised?
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What is this website about?

This website lists details the details (gathered so far!) from several inter-related family trees by a small group of distantly-related genealogists, researching their own extended families.

Please note that we are not professional researchers and, alas, do not have the time to undertake research on your behalf. Neither do we have any connection to any of the churches & institutions mentioned on the web pages and - as a general rule - cannot offer any information about their connections to people not already mentioned here.

The site is divided into four sections but, since the family trees are interlinked, a few people are listed in more than one part of the site; but the 'search' facility (the magnifying glass icon on the menu bar will let you search any combination of sections at once, by ticking the appropriate boxes.

Do I need to Register to use this website?

No.  Casual visitors can see almost all there is to see, and everything most guests will need to see.  The only things that are hidden from guests are any details there may be (which usually isn't much, beyond names) for people who are still living or - if we're not sure - people who are of an age such that they might still be alive.

If you want to correct or add information on this website, then get in-touch with us using the link at the bottom of the relevant page (the one that says 'For help with genealogy questions contact Fred Blogs').  That will let you send an email message to the lead-researcher for that part of the website.

How is the Information here organised?

The Sections

The website is divided into four sections, each one covering a set of related families:

You can move between the sections using the "House" icon on the menu bar at the top of every page. You can also search for any name or place (in any or all sections) by clicking on the Search Icon (a magnifying glass) on the menu at the top of every page.

Individual People

Each individual has their own webpage with the detailed information accessed from one of the five (sometimes six) "tabs" across the page on the left, towards the top of the page. The tabs are:

  • FACTS & EVENTS: Exactly what it says, with dates & places.
  • NOTES: Some background notes, sometimes with, for example, details from census returns.
  • INTERACTIVE TREE: Can be used to see this person in the context of his/her wider family, and can be used to navigate around the family.
  • PLACES: Opens a map showing locations associated with this person.
  • MEDIA: A link to photographs or documents relating to this person (if there are any).
  • STORIES: Links to stories about this person (if any).

To the right of the page, you'll see a "Family Navigator" panel showing this person's close family. This can be used to jump to the detailed page for each of those relatives listed.

The Top Main Menu

Across the top of every page is the main menu bar. Clicking on these items provides many ways of viewing the data in filtered lists of people or places, and several other tools.

What about Privacy?

We take protecting the privacy of those still alive very seriously.  In the context of this website, there main privacy issue is that of the potential for there to be details about people still living.

In general we collect little or no information about people still alive. In cases where we're not sure whether or not an individual is still be alive we may have collected some basic information, but all of those details should be automatically hidden by the software. If you spot anything to the contrary, then please let us know immediately.

Despite that, if you want to know what information there may be about (for example) you, then ask and we will tell you.  In the (unlikely) event that you are not happy with any information visible on this website, then just tell us what & why (use the link at the bottom of the page) and we'll remove that right away.

How do I contact you?

There is a link at the bottom of each web page which will enable you to send an email to us.  We'll endeavour to reply to you as soon as we can; but please be patient as we all lead busy lives too!

Please Note that many of the web pages show two contact links: one for technical questions, and one for genealogy-related questions. That second link will put you in-touch with the lead-researcher for that particular part of the website.

About Cookies

Cookies and how they Benefit You

Like almost all websites, this website uses cookies to help us to provide you with the best experience we can. However we can reassure you that we do not use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information about you, nor to pass data to advertising networks (or anyone else for that matter). Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites, and help this website to:

  • Determine whether or not you are logged in (and keep you logged-in as you move around the website).
  • Remember your chosen website preferences & settings
  • Tailor the content you (and anyone else) can see, in-line with our privacy policy

Turning Cookies Off

You can adjust your browser settings to stop it from accepting cookies (learn how here). But, if you do that, you willl find that many websites (not just ours) will no longer work in the way you expect. If your concerns around cookies relate to so-called 'spyware', then rather than switching off cookies in your browser, using anti-spyware software achieves the same objective by automatically deleting cookies considered to be invasive. Learn more about managing cookies with antispyware software.

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