This section lists over 6200 people (with over 1450 diferent surnames) from the my own family, together with the ancestors of some selected close family who have been DNA-tested. These families all originate in England and Ireland, though many have sincespread throughout the world. Some of these people will also appear in either the Soper or Robins sections of this website. Note that - unless it says otherwise - the 'Ancestor Interest' field denotes that person's relationship to ME which, in general, also holds-good for my first cousins.

You will find a list of the most-commonly occuring surnames in the 'Stats' box towards the bottom-right of this page; though you can search by name - or by place - if you click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the menu above, which you'll find on every page.

We'd be very pleased to hear from you if you think you are related to anyone mentioned here, and especially so if you can contribute any information or photographs. If you want to get in-touch with us, there is an email link to the main researcher (and also a contact for technical help with this website) at the bottom of every page.


David Lindley


ROPER/MIDGLEY LINE (Originally from West Yorkshire, part of the WELDON Clan)
March 2020 Added a total of 120 descendants (plus 55 spouses) of Mary (Polly) Roper (c1792- ), mostly in the Leeds area.
May 2019 Added 79 descendants (plus spouses) of John Roper (c1735- ). Includes new surnames inclusing Coultate, Clapham & Morris, mostly in the Steeton, Keighley & Leeds areas.

GRIMSHAW LINE (Originally from Salford. Part of the Lindley Clan)
February 2020 Added more descendants of Elizabeth Grimshaw; including new surname Purcival.
August 2017 Added husband and descendants of Elizabeth Grimshaw; including new surnames Harling, Rostron and Lewis (mainly in the Salford area).
January 2017 Added details for numerous families from the 1939 UK Register.

SIMS/STROUD LINE (Originally from Hampshire, part of the LINDLEY Clan)
January 2020: Added a more descendents of Charlotte Stroud (1772-), mainly in Hampshire, England. Over 158 descendants (plus 39 spouses) added to date; including the surnames Clements, Harris, Hedges, Hutchins, Hutchings, Lampard, Nash, Simpson and Stamp.
January 2020: Added descendents of Hannah Sims (1780-), including in Chicago & California.
August 2019: Added a few more descendents of Hannah Sims (1808-1889), mainly in Hampshire, England. Over 100 descendants (plus 40 spouses) to date, including surnames Andrews, Askell, Deacon, Eccott, Herridge, Hockley, Lambden, Leach, Liming, Long, Lovegrove, Marlow, Oben, Rivers, Saunders, Smith, Soper and West.
January 2019: Added a few more descendents of Frances 'Fanny' Sims (1811-1899), mainly in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska & Minnesota. Over 280 descendants (plus over 180 spouses) to date, including some distant cousins still living in the early 2000s; with new surnames including Pilgrim, Marcham, Aithart, Rizer, Mee, Green, Dobie, Hakanson, Klein, Ashline, Meade, Bernbruck, Harman, Reavis, Gilmore, Wheat, Markus, Sandeen, DeForest, Fenchel & Rife.

KAY LINE (Originally from Manchester, part of the WELDON Clan)
August 2019: Added more people coming to light (mainly in Victoria, Australia) from DNA matches amongst the descendants of William Kay. There are now 595 listed direct descendants of William Kay (c1776-1832) in the database, plus 306 spouses.
January 2019: Added a few more people coming to light from DNA matches amongst the descendants of William Kay.
2018 Aded more the descendants of James Hancock Kay (1826-1871), mainly in the Melbourne area of Victoria, Australia. Also added marriage & descendants of Jane Louisa Kay (1861-1942), with new surnames Donald & Newsam, mostly in North Adams (MA USA) and Blackpool (LAN ENG).
2017: Added even more Kay descendants, in the Detroit, Liverpool/Southport areas and in Toronto Canada; plus details from numerous baptism/marriage records.

MAYLOR LINE (Originally from Liverpool, part of the WELDON Clan)
June-July 2019 Added even more Maylor descendants living variously in Wrexham, Manchester, Warrington & Backford.
May 2018: Added more descendents of Mary Ann Whitehouse nee Maylor (1851-). Having earlier added more descendents of Sarah Owens nee Maylor (1810-) including new surnames Ewing & Tipper (both Bristol & Birkenhead) and McDearmon (Houston TX and Los Angeles CA) up to the 1940s.

CARRACK LINE (Originally from West Yorkshire, part of the WELDON Clan)
June 2019 Added many descendants of Jane Carrack (1817-1884), including new surnames Budd, Hutchinson and Strafford; mainly in the Leeds and Chesterfield areas.
January 2019 Added many descendants of John Carrack (1790- ).
June 2018 Added over a hundred descendants of Ann Carrack (1792-1862) including new surnames Athorn, Bennett, Booth, Chilvers, Gott, Johnson, Naylor, Peel and Vinter; mainly in West Yorkshire with some lines researched own to the mid 20th centrury.
January 2018 Added more 20th Century descendents of the Stephen Carrack including new surnames Carrick, Troy, Blackburn and Downward; with some families living in the Newton Heath area of northern Manchester.

BLACK LINE (Originally from Northern Ireland, part of the WELDON Clan)
October 2018 Added more descendants of Alexander Hamilton Black.
February 2017 Added more descendants (there are now 164, plus 79 spouses) for Sarah Anne Crawford (nee Black), mainly in the Columbia area of South Carolina.

WELDON LINE (Weldon Clan, originally from Northern Ireland
January 2017 Added even more details for the descendents of Hamilton Alexander Weldon mainly in the Houston area of Texas. Also added some exact birth/marriage/death dates for various people using the GRONI website.

COOPER LINE (Originally from in & around Liverpool, part of the WELDON Clan)
July 2016 Added 14 descendants (with 3 spouses) in the Liverpool area for Henry (Harry) Jones Sedgwick (1881- ).
2013: Added parents and grandparents of Samuel Cooper (1828-1888). New surnames Maylor and Tellitt in Liverpool area. Added descendants of Margaret Maylor Cooper; with new surnames Bradley, Massey, Rannard and Sedgwick (mainly in the Liverpool area).

April 2016: Added details from Birth Certificate of George William Bond (1877-1952).

HARRISON (USA) LINE (originally from Northern Ireland, part of the WELDON Clan)
Nov 2015 Added more children and birth dates for Anna Mary Charlotte Weldon and her husband.
Oct 2014 Added descendents (down to the present day) of Anna Mary Charlotte Weldon; including surnames Harrison, Metzger Pollock and Smith (mainly in the New York area) with some photographs.

HORSFALL LINE (West Yorkshire, part of the WELDON Clan)

November 2017 Added more details for the Bosvile,Fretwell, Eyre (and associated) families in the Maltby area. These are at the very root of the Lindley line and take that back to 17xGreat Grandparents, born in the 1400s!
October 2017 Added bits 'n' pieces in numerous places on the Tree. Added Rylatt descendents (in the Lincoln area) of Jane Louisa Lindley (1867-1905).
January 2017 Added details for numerous families from the 1939 UK Register.


Numerous people in our extended family have now had their DNA tested. If you have been DNA tested (by Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, Myheritage, Livingdna, 23andMe or elsewhere) please use the link at the bottom of the page to let us know; so that we can look for you amongst our 'matches'. If you haven't been tested, but would like further information about doing so, then please get in-touch too.

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