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This section lists over 4600 people (with over a thousand different surnames) from inter-related families; many of them living in - or originally from - Hampshire and nearby English counties. A few of the people listed here will also appear in the 'Lindley' section of the site.

You will find a list of the most-commonly occuring surnames in the 'Stats' box towards the bottom-right of this page; though you can search by name - or by place - if you click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon above.

We'd be very pleased to hear from you if you think you are related to anyone mentioned here, and especially so if can contribute any information. If you want to get in-touch with us, there is an email link to the main researcher (and also a contact for technical help with this website) at the bottom of each page.

New ged file
August 26, 2019 - 11:52:15 p.m.
A new ged file has been added with an extra 57 people included. Siblings & parents etc have been added for Lucy Hunt (1793). Marriages plus spouse & children etc have been added for Elizabeth Nash (1798), Ellen Hutchins (1830) & Daniel Hutchins (1766) amongst others. Children & their spouses have been added for Joseph Lamport (1808). Further children & their spouses added for Joseph Lewis (1722) & Daniel Winterbourne (1837).
New ged file
April 1, 2017 - 11:56:26 p.m.
A new ged file has been uploaded which has added just over 40 new people. The additions include an extra generation in the Goddard family, Richard Goddard (1743-1829) plus his wife & children. In addition extra details such as residence & occupation has been added for September 1939 where possible.
On this day
Melvin Vernon Banbury
Death — October 14, 2010 (9 year anniversary) — Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Charles Benham + Ann Simpson
Marriage — October 14, 1880 (139 year anniversary) — St Peter, Tadley, Hants
Arthur Edward Bilbey
Death — October 14, 1972 (47 year anniversary) — Reading, Berks
Ernest Harry Bull
Birth — October 14, 1892 (127 year anniversary) — Paddington, London
John Champ + Louisa Banbury
Marriage — October 14, 1852 (167 year anniversary) — St Mary, Bucklebury, Berks
Daniel Dyer
Death — October 14, 1915 (104 year anniversary) — Pas de Calais, France
Dorothy May Faithfull
Death — October 14, 1989 (30 year anniversary) — Winchester, Hants
Charles Folley
Death — October 14, 1927 (92 year anniversary) — New Malden, Surrey
Louisa Clara Goddard
Birth — October 14, 1841 (178 year anniversary) — Westminster, London
Louisa Hatfield
Birth — October 14, 1843 (176 year anniversary) — Winkfield, Berks
Robert Heaver + Louisa Smith
Marriage — October 14, 1865 (154 year anniversary) — St Paul, Ashford Hill, Hants
Frederick Hill
Birth — October 14, 1894 (125 year anniversary)
George Hiscock + Harriet Clifford
Marriage — October 14, 1863 (156 year anniversary) — St James the Less, Winterbourne, Berks
Henry Daniel Hutchins + Alice Dyer
Marriage — October 14, 1886 (133 year anniversary) — St Paul, Ashford Hill, Hants
William Lamport + Louisa Ann Ball
Marriage — October 14, 1848 (171 year anniversary) — St James, Woodcott, Hants
James Marshall
Death — October 14, 1914 (105 year anniversary) — Woolhampton, Berks
George Smith
Birth — October 14, 1869 (150 year anniversary) — Easthampstead, Berks
James Levi Smith
Birth — October 14, 1862 (157 year anniversary) — Pamber Green, Hants
Joseph Smith + Maria Hiscock
Marriage — October 14, 1833 (186 year anniversary) — St Stephen, Baughurst, Hants
Thomas Smith + Sarah Lewis
Marriage — October 14, 1802 (217 year anniversary) — St Mary, Kingsclere, Hants
Thomas William Smith + Emily Hawkes
Marriage — October 14, 1875 (144 year anniversary) — St Andrew, Sonning, Berks
Jane White
Death — October 14, 1874 (145 year anniversary) — Crookham, Thatcham, Berks
Annie Constance Winder
Birth — October 14, 1871 (148 year anniversary) — Iver, Bucks


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