What'll you find here?

Well, you'll find everything we know about a large group of inter-related families that make up the Family Trees of myself, my wife and several of our distant cousins. With now over 12,000 people (with about 3000 surnames) listed in total, for ease of maintenance the site is divided into five sections, each listed & accessible through the boxes on the right, or from the drop-down pick list under the 'House' icon on the top menu of every page. But you can use the site SEARCH facility to search ANY - or all - of the sections for either a name or a place, by clicking on the 'Magnifying Glass' icon, also on the top menu of every page.


For obvious privacy reasons, the only information on view on this website is about people who are no longer with us or - if we're not sure - who would be highly unlikely to be still alive today.


If you are a part of our family, then please contribute what you can; especially photographs of those who are no longer with us. You'll find a link to get in-touch with us at the bottom of every page.

Getting Help

If you need some help navigating the site or have a general question, click on the '?' icon (to the right of the menu bar above), or click the Technical Support link at the bottom of any page. If you have a question about specific people mentioned on this site, then click on the 'genealogy question' link at the bottom of a page they're mentioned on, which will put you in-touch with the lead-researcher for that particular part of the site.


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David Lindley


PLEASE NOTE that there is NO NEED to REGISTER to use this site to see EVERYTHING there is to see about in people who are no longer with us.

This section lists over 5800 people (with over 1300 surnames) from my own family and ancestors of some of my cousins. Some of these people will also appear in the Soper section of this website, whilst others (particularly with the surname Robins) will also appear in Robins section.
This section lists over 1900 individuals (with over 380 surnames) from inter-related families from my wife's side of the family. Most of these lived-in - and rarely strayed very far from - south Lancashire and, in particular, the triangle of land lying between Bolton, Bury and Worsley. There are, however, branches of the family in the USA.
This section lists over 4700 people (with over 1000 different surnames) from inter-related families; many of them living in (or originally from) Hampshire and nearby English counties. A few of the people listed here will also appear in the 'Lindley' section of this website.
This section lists over 700 people (and over 250 surnames) from inter-related families originally from the Ostfriesland area in western Germany. A few people listed here also appear in the Lindley section.
This section lists over 1100 people (with over 300 different surnames); some of which will also appear in the main 'Smethurst-Warburton' part of the site.