Smethurst-Warburton Clan


This section lists over 1820 individuals (with over 350 surnames) from inter-related families from my wife's side of the family. Most of these lived-in - and rarely strayed very far from - south Lancashire and, in particular, the triangle of land lying between Bolton, Bury and Worsley.

You will find a list of the most-commonly occuring surnames in the 'Stats' box towards the bottom-right of this page; though you can search by name - or by place - if you click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon above.

We'd be very pleased to hear from you if you think you are related to anyone mentioned here, and especially so if you can contribute any information or photographs. If you want to get in-touch with us, there is an email link to the main researcher (and also a contact for technical help with this website) at the bottom of each page.

David Lindley



Nov 2017 Added quite a few more Cooke relatives, mainly in the Walkden area.

2014 Added new set of 3xGreat Grandparents: Edward & Betty Mort and many descendents down to the 20th century, including new surnames Mort and Langshaw (mainly in Farnworth). Added marriage of Susannah Cooke (1820-1860) and many of her descendents down to the mid 20th century. New surnames Boydell, Pendlebury, Richardson and Seddon (all in the Walkden area).


October 2016 Added details for quite a few people from the 1939 UK Register and - armed with the birth dates from that - added quite a few baptism details and a few spouse's names, mainly from the Registers of St Matthews in Little Lever.

August 2015 Added spouse and descendents of Elizabeth (Betty) Warburton (b 1797), with new surnames Bogle, Dewhurst, Entwistle, Fielding, Flitcroft,Gerrard, Gooden, Heywood, Holden, Horrobin, Jackson, Leach, Pilkington, Robinson, Singleton, Tong, Thompson and Mayoh; mostly in the Bolton, Kearsley and Radcliffe areas.

July 2015 Added spouse and descendents of Mary Warburton (b 1838), with new surnames Entwistle, Runcorn, Slater and Jackson; mostly in Bolton and Darcy Lever.

Dec 2014 Added new 4xGreat Grandparents Samuel Pilling and Ann Ramsden, plus many of their descendents into the 20th century (mainly in the Tottington and Little Lever areas). Also added many more early-mid 20th century Warburton marriages and baptisms from St Stephens Lever Bridge Registers. New surnames Barnes, Braidwood, Davidson, Guffogg, Hindle, Jenkins, Keel, Prescot, Stobbs, Taylor and Woods.


October 2016 Added details for a few people from the 1939 UK Register and - armed with the birth dates from that - added a few baptism details and spouse's names.

2014 Added yet more people on the Yates line; including new surnames Charnley, Howarth, Cartwright, Waddington, Heywood and Massey (mainly in the Ainsworth and Little Lever areas). Added parents of David Yates, taking the Yates line in Radcliffe back another generation. Added marriage, children & some grandchildren for Margaret Massey (born 1864 Radcliffe). New family surnames Mort, Rayner, Barlow and Hardman, mostly in the Little Lever/Radcliffe area.


2014 Added two new generations (4x and 5x Grandparents) to the Stones line (mainly in Farnworth).


Aug 2016 Added details for numerous people from the 1939 Register.

2014: Even more descendents of Samuel Partington added, including the following new surnames: Smith, Cox, Berry, Jones, Bridge, Broxup, Clare, Cocker, Darlington, Entwistle, Hardman, Howarth, Kay, Moxon, Newton, Roscoe, Shaw, Tudge and Wadsworth (mostly in the Little Hulton - Walkden - Swinton - Clifton - Pendlebury areas).

PLEASE NOTE that there is NO NEED to REGISTER to use this site if - as is most likely - your interest is only in people who are no longer with us. In fact, purely to protect the privacy of living people, Registration is STRICTLY LIMITED to 'family'.  That is, to people who can show that they are direct descendents of people already listed on this website.

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